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2310 W North Avenue
Melrose Park, IL 60160

Privately Owned Jewelry Store in Melrose Park, Illinois

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Village Jewelry & Loan offers cash pawn loans on
a variety of items including jewelry, electronics,
tools, equipment, and more.

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We even sell the items that we accept for loans such as musical equipment, office supplies, and household appliances.

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Jewelry Repair

Additionally, if you need any jewelry repair services done, our professionals have the experience and expertise to do that as well.

Who We Are

For more than 15 years, Village Jewelry & Loan has been a jewelry store in Melrose Park, Illinois, offering cash pawn loans and selling and repairing jewelry. We do not accept anything that is more than two years old; however, if you bring in an aged item, we will still give you $5 for it to help you out. Our goal is to have each and every one of our clients leave with a smile.

Contact us in Melrose Park, Illinois, to secure a loan or to fix or purchase some jewelry.

We Donate to Local Organizations Such as Toys for Tots™